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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world through Fiona's art. Her creations encapsulate the ever-changing colors of the ocean, the textures of coastal elements, and the harmonious balance found in nature. With her skillful use of colors and techniques, Fiona brings the calming and rejuvenating energy of the outdoors into your living space, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

Bright and Expressive Paintings, Fresh from the Studio.

Through her artwork, Fiona invites viewers to immerse themselves in the scenes she creates, to feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the ocean breeze, and the mesmerising rhythm of the tides.


"I want my paintings to evoke a range of emotions, from a peaceful sense of calm to a profound sense of awe and wonder."

Me Time
Just The Two Of Us


A very special gift, whether for yourself or a loved one. It is a wonderful way to create a personalised and meaningful present that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Whether it's a personalised seascape,  custom pet portrait, or any other concept close to your heart, Fiona is here to bring your vision to life.


By commissioning a custom artwork, you are giving a gift that is truly unique that will create lasting memories and be cherished for decades to come.

Meet The Artist


Fiona is an award-winning artist based in Lancashire, UK, specialising in acrylic seascape and coastal art.  Fiona draws inspiration from the ever-changing beauty of the seaside, capturing its essence through her vibrant and captivating artworks.

With a deep fascination for the interaction of light, shadow, and movement, Fiona's latest works showcase her exploration of these elements within the coastal landscape. Her paintings beautifully convey the dynamic energy of crashing waves, the gentle dance of sunlight on water, and the play of shadows on the shore. Fiona's art transports viewers to the serene and captivating world of seascapes.

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What Clients Say ...

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